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Some memorable quotes after India won the World Cup.
"I didn"t know there were so many Indians in London , mate, until they won this bleedin" cricket match"
A London fruit seller

"Not today, this is India "s day"
Sir Gary Sobers, when asked for an autograph

"Simply unbelievable"
Bishen Bedi

"My slogan is: "Indians can do it" ".
Mrs Indira Gandhi

"Simply thousands of miles away you could almost smell the joyful whiff of November 5 cordite, mixed in the sultry scents of jasmine, frangipani, cowdung smoke and curry".
Frank Keating of The Guardian

"A feat, which will rank among the finest achievements of the country".
Editorial in The Telegraphy, a Calcutta daily

"I have had to eat some of my own words, but what a delight it has been to do so".
Asif Iqbal

"The shock will do us all good"
Mathew Engel of The Guardian

"We are still down to earth"
Roger Binny

"We are being treated like gods"
Mohinder Amarnath

"Luck played a great part"
Kapil Dev

"The greatest day since Independence "
An Indian

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Napolean: "In my Dictionary there is no word called 'IMPOSSIBLE'....
Sardarji: "What's the use of saying it now, you should have checked it before buying THE DICTIONARY !!

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Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.

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