Will you, hold me, when ever I fall?
Will you support me when ever I fumble?
Where ever I go, will you follow me?
Who ever I meet, will you accept them?
When ever I irritate you, will you forgive me?
Am I expecting too much?
Where ever we are, you will hold me to your heart?
Keep me in thy bosom?
Am I asking too much?
Who ever I meet, I search for thy face?
Those familiar eyes I imagined?
Where ever I go, I search for that sound?
About which I can sing songs!
Where ever I go, I long for that vibes, we felt
Who ever I meet, I wish it was your simile
Am I wishing for the moonlight?
Which can only be felt, like a beam of light?
Can never hold you; can ever feel you next to my skin?
Breathing and longing and loving me,
Only me???
Am I asking for wings to fly?
Am I going to burn like the phoenix bird?
Whoever I see, where ever I go, I long for you?
Only you.