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Celebrating "Suvarna Keralam" with "Que Sera Sera"

The students of the Institute of English, University of Kerala, as part of the celebration of "Suvarna Keralam" is bringing out a Campus Film, "Que Sera Sera" (What will be, will be). The film, based on the thought and experiences of a student of literature, explores interdisciplinary aspects of campus life. The above project, under the guidance and blessings of all the faculty members, is designed to be a novel venture in the history of the Institute. Conventional modes of representation are explored in our attempt to experiment with new techniques, and ways of projection. The students of the Institute as a team, both as cast and crew, have worked untiringly to make this campus film a unique on.


Name :syama

College :university college

Class :1 dc economics


Message :College union elections.... Students fedration of India had won all the 13 seats of university college ,on college union elections.


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Napolean: "In my Dictionary there is no word called 'IMPOSSIBLE'....
Sardarji: "What's the use of saying it now, you should have checked it before buying THE DICTIONARY !!

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Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.

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