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OH....MY SWEET LITTLE RED ROSE..............




The government has given green signal to the launch of private FM stations at last and here begins a new trend. Radio Mango, Radio Mirchi, Club FM, S FM, Best FM and lots more. Broadcasting bandwagons simply roll in to reign the realm of entertainment. As behemoth media groups own the trendy bands, quality of programmes is a sure thing and the choice of the same becomes a tough task for the listeners.

Not just music but city updates, phone-in programmes, comic anecdotes, celebrity interviews, fashion tips, etc are the highlights, which aimed mostly at the youth and delivered by the youth via radio waves. Energetic voices of RJs aka Radio Jokies, selected straight from campuses radioed everyday is quite a refreshing experience for everyone these days.

Yeah, radio relives for the youth by the youth.




The central university would be located in Kochi and it is proposed to establish during the 11th 5 year Plan period itself, Human Resources Development Minister Arjun Singh told the press in New Delhi. In India, central universities are established by the Government through an act of Parliament whilst most of the other universities are established by the state governments. With world class infrastructure central universities stand out in the arena of education and are fully supported by the University Grand Commission.Let us hope the long cherished dream of Keralites, an IIT too will get materialized soon.


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    Will you, hold me, when ever I fall?
    Will you support me when ever I fumble?
    Where ever I go, will you follow me?                More....


Youth Festival - Kerala Varma College Thrissur   More....

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Campus Focus

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Celebrating "Suvarna Keralam" with "Que Sera Sera"

The students of the Institute of English, University of Kerala, as part of the celebration of "Suvarna Keralam" is bringing out a Campus Film, "Que Sera Sera" (What will be, will be).


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St Theresas College Ernakulam
Watch video

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  Read More....

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  Read More....

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  Read More....

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Vimala College Thrissur
Kalamandalam Kshemavathy

Watch video
Watch video
A\p`hfpsS IS - M.N Vijayan

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Imagine this ...

You are driving along in your car on a wild, stormy night, it's raining heavily, when suddenly you pass by a bus stop, and you see three people waiting for a bus:

                   Hope Of Tomorrow

Love fades and burns out like a candle
But think about everyone else who loves you.
With the sun on your face Warms your soul
Makes your heart smile Look on the bright side.


""\o \nksb CjvSsncpXpt]mse Rm \ns CjvSsSpp. \ns FtXv am{Xamb Hcp temItv Wnphm\mbn Rm hcpw....''  More....

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Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.

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